Encapsulated Pumped Storage: A Series

In this series, I will propose a new form of pumped hydroelectric storage that can be deployed quickly to hundreds of sites around the world, providing an aggregate amount of storage many times greater than currently exists, with low environmental impact and at a cost that is cheaper than any commercially available battery at similar scale.

Part 1. Introduction

Part 2. Historical Context

Part 3. No Monolithic Reservoirs

Part 4. Some Storage Basics

Part 5. An Interesting Scenario

Part 6. Powerhouse Components

Part 7. Layout And Plumbing

Part 8. Pressure Regimes

Part 9. Transient Valve Operation

Part 10. A First Look At (Dollar) Costs

Part 11. Bags

Part 12. Water

Part 13. A First Look At Benefits

Part 14. Modeling The Benefits

Part 15. Modeling The Benefits With Storage Added

Part 16. Lessons From Modeling

Part 17. Large-Scale Potential

Part 18. Summary, So Far

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